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Curb Appeal Roofing Construction is Expert at TPO Roofing in Oklahoma and Flat Roofs for Commercial Buildings in Oklahoma


Make Sure Your Oklahoma Roofer is a Certified Installer

To keep your warranty in place, your roofer needs to have the proper manufacturer's certification! Curb Appeal Roofing Construction is GAF and Owens Corning Certified.

Mule-Hide TPO Roofing

Curb Appeal Roofing Construction also installs Mule-Hide's TPO Roofing Systems. We like them because they are economical, have all the accessories you need to assemble them, and even all the accessories you need to complete the roofing details. Add to this, Curb Appeal Construction knows how to install these TPO Roofing Systems quickly, with energy efficient results. These economical TPO Roofing systems are available in widths of up to 12', making for less seams and less labor costs.

TPO products are a good choice for commercial roofs, as they are resistant to many things - such as fire, UV, industrial pollutants, air-conditioning pollutants, and airbore bacteria.



The white surfaces of these TPO roofing systems can reflect up to 78% of the sun's rays! This will even reduce the heat build-up under the TPO membrane.



These TPO membrane roofs have a thick top of the scrim - one of the thickets top plies in the TPO industry! Ask us about the systems and how these TPO products can help protect your building while keeping your pocket book happy.

Additionally, TPO Membrane Roofing Systems keep out moisture, flex in hot and cold temperature (so they won't crack or split), can handle extreme temperatures and even heavy downpours.

Are you considering the type of roofing to put on your new construction project? TPO Membrane roofs are ideal. Their lightweight materials make them perfect, as they will not add weight to roof decks. Yet, they are strong enough to support rootfop traffic, equipment, and work.

Here's another plus with TPO Membrane Roofs: they can be repaired! You can repair portions of it throughout the years. And, you can even clean it so it keeps it's great looking appearance year after year.

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