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Curb Appeal Roofing Construction is Expert at Roofing New Projects and Reroofing - Even Repairs in Oklahoma

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To keep your warranty in place, your roofer needs to have the proper manufacturer's certification! Curb Appeal Roofing Construction is GAF and Owens Corning Certified.

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Curb Appeal Roofing Construction has been serving the Tulsa area for decades. We have provided expert, caring roofing services for both commercial and residential roofing needs. As one of the few companies that GAF has certified to install and repair both commercial AND residential roofs, we know that we need to continually renew our knowledge of current roofing materials. Additionally, however, beautiful Tulsa has some very specific weather challenges that other parts of our country do not experience. Over the last few years, Tulsa has experienced tornadoes, flooding, high straight winds, ice storms, heavy snow, unusually cold temperatures, unusually hot temperatures, and even earthquakes!

We know Oklahoma weather and the special demands it puts on the roofing and construction industry. We know what Tulsa storms and heat can do to TPO flat roofs, tile roofs, and steeply pitched roofs. When you hire Curb Appeal Roofing to reroof your business or home, we will do the job right. You can trust our expertise and experience. But - equally important - you can trust that we CARE about you and your home or business construction needs. We are here, based in Oklahoma. If you have an additional need, we'll be around to help you. We've heard the horror stories from home owners and business owners who hired a company, had them do the work, only to find out that they were no longer in Oklahoma and would not be available to help them if a problem came up.

We are here to help you with all of your Tulsa residential and commercial roofing needs.

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